miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Posibilidad de obtener el BACHELOR IN EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT para estudiantes con destino erasmus en la UNIVERSITY OF STRASBOURG

La University of Strasbourg nos envía la siguiente información sobre la posibilidad de conseguir el Bachelor in European Management para aquellos estudiantes erasmus seleccionados con una estancia anual y con un mínimo de 120 créditos superados:

The Bachelor in European Management is a diploma which can be offered to exchange students who come to EM Strasbourg for two semesters after having completed 120 ECTS credits or equivalent in their home institution.  

Students who would enroll in our Bachelor in European Management would have to choose:

-          3 courses in a French module (French as a foreign language)

-          5 courses in a European module

-          12 courses in a Management module

Each course was worth 3 ECTS Credits and counted 20 contact hours

As of 2014-2015, the courses in the Bachelor in European Management will be worth 5 ECTS credits and will count 27 contact hours. This will reduce the number of courses that students need to take: 
Students will take 5 core courses per semester (4 compulsory management courses, 1 French class to choose according to their level) and 1 elective per semester (amongst 5 choices). This means that the students will not have the risk of having conflicting courses anymore and they will be guaranteed a spot in every core course if they choose that program.
Should they need to take a couple of other courses per semester from the list offered to non-degree seeking students (3 ECTS courses) to satisfy some of your requirements, they will be free to do so (2 maximum per semester) but they will not count towards the French degree.